This NGO is Non Political & non Profit Organization that works on humanitarian Organization & its main activities is livelihood development for Somali community to tackle all living challenges on the ground, it has been established on 6th July 2010 our crosscutting activities and  sectors are as  following

  • Livelihood.

    Livelihoods are the means that enable people to earn a living. This includes the capabilities, assets, income and activities people require in order to ensure that their basic needs are covered. A livelihood is sustainable when it allows people to cope with, and recover from  setbacks and stress (such as natural disasters and economic or social upheavals), and improve their welfare and that of future generations without degrading the environment or natural resources base.

    In Somalia , agricultural industries in both sea and land areas are main common livelihood available  resources to be developed, so LRDO  operates  this wide sector to reduce poverty line of Somali community through investment of sources  stated.

  • Health & Nutrition

  • WASH

  • Education

  • GBV and protection

  • Human Rights

The elimination of poverty and creation of brilliant living standard for saving of  many live of Somali community.

LRDO operates Somalia country to save many lives, reduce  poverty and illiteracythrough provision of health, livelihood and education service to the community.

To alleviate hunger & Diseases
To train Agro- pastoral & Riverine farmers on Farming system, grain storage systems,
better seasonal cultivation & techniques of harvesting
To mobilize community in Crucial of sanitation promotion
To give awareness Somali youths on the importance of peace & security Issue
To sensitize Somali community on human right issues
To advocate all Somalis on the importance of women & child protection activity
To eradicate illiteracy & Man-made disasters in Somalia
To improve all living condition of Somali country
To u[date security threats